High Yield Passive Investments
The REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust stocks) are quoted stocks invested in real estate. the investment is made through brokers. The investor become shareholders of those companies. Dividends are regularly paid and possible capital gains are expected.
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The crowdfunding, sometimes called crowdlending allows investors to lend their money to various types of companies and projects in exchange for a high interested rate, around 10%. The money lent is usually backed by real estate.
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Crypto Passive Income
Les plateformes de crypto-loans et de staking versent des intérets très élevés. Vous prêtez un montant en crypto-devises ou en devise pays et vous percevez des intérêts tous les jours.
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Which banks and tools to invest ?
One bank is not enough to invest on the markets, crowdfunding and crypto platforms.
Investissements passifs Actions et ETF
Faites vos premiers pas sur les marchés actions par de la gestion passive actions et les ETF. Je vous montre les bases.
Recevez vos divivdendes en silence et sans stresser.
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